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Today I would like to share my thoughts about friends in fashion.

Sitting with my favorite Coach, my favorite fashion magazine, and a hot cup of Tea, I suddenly start to think about the relationship between Fashion and my friends :)

I constantly look around wherever I go, searching for something that totally captivates my eyes. Yes, I know I have mentioned this before, but I think what fascinates me the most, is looking at the styles of my friends because to me, styles are a reflections of everyone personality, and about what you believe so I definitely think clothing can be a part of getting to know people better.

I realize this probably sounds a little superficial, but that is so not the case for me. I just love observing every one of my friends with their own signatures and distinct looks, and you know as women’s, we always like to Pay tribute to what somebody else is wearing. It is just so much fun to compliment each other on our outfits and stuff. I’m a true believer that women should compliment and help each other all the time.

I find it so terrible when women compete with one another, and unfortunately, insecurity can play a very negative part in some women’s mind. Lucky, I don’t have that problem with my friends :) :)

I may be wrong, but I think I can read people very well just by looking at what their preferences with Fashion are.

Many times, I found myself playing this secret game in my mind. Like, let’s say, if my friends and I get together for any event, or just for some fun girly girl time, I feel like I’m sitting at the table with them, and my mind starts to doing makeovers LOL… Like, I will change a top from one of my friends and add, let’s say, a jacket from the other friend…or the accessories, and by the end of the night, in my mind they all are leaving dressed up completely different from how they came in, hahaha OL

I know that is insane !!! But seriously, how many times have we wished we could tell a friend, like, why you don’t try this color??? Or why don’t you try this new style…etc ?

I will say though, all my friends have there own niche look, and they are very much into the best fashion, not all of them, but the majority. :)

They are wonderful, beautiful, human beings, and they know they have a crazy friend like me who is obsessed with fashion LOL.

The best part of this, I can literally describe everyone’s style, and with our group of friends we can pretty much cover every style in the world LOL. Defiantly the classy look, the chic and classy, the Sport chic, the conservative, the sexy on-the-go, the fierce fabulous, LOL…and the outdoor sporty

.So, when I think about my friends and fashion, it is like seeing a fabulous menu, full of the best choices

And most importantly, we all have fun getting dressed up for any occasion.

We all understand very well that it is not about how much $$ we wear, it is about class

My humble advice to all of you, find the right group of friends in your life. I will say friends can be so much more that just having a glass of wine, they can be your confidants, your sisters, your fashion consultants, your Gym parters, your sociologists, ….the one who cleans your tears when you are sad, and the one who laughs with you when you are happy.:)

That what I call true friendship.

Stay Fabulous.
PS. This picture is from this weekend, celebrating 2 beautiful friends’ birthdays with a Champagne toast.

Clothes description: Top by bar II, Skort by Zara, Shoes by Gianni Bini, Sunglasses by Burberry, Watch by Michael Kors

















32 thoughts on “Where fashion and friends meet

  1. says

    Yay! The first (and perhaps the only time) in my life I have appeared on a fashion blog. Of course I love it! I had such a wonderful time celebrating with you all!

  2. Karin Sullivan says

    Well done Gemma! Loved the post and pics! Your heart shined in this post!! Love it!

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