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Today I woke up feeling amazing. It is one of those days, when my mind flies away in so many different directions.

Today it is all about dreams. I know I am a big dreamer, but dreams are free, and we don’t have to pay taxes for that, right? :)

So, from fashion fairyland, I recharged my Batteries and got inspired!

Now I’m flying to my closet using my huge imagination. I usually find something I can alter, all I need is a little skirt, dress or pants. Anything I can play with and re-make to look fabulous and chic makes me feel like I just bought a new outfit.

The biggest satisfaction for me, is to create a new design with clothes that I wore many times before but just doesn’t look very attractive to my eyes anymore, or, …..is just out of style :)

I have rules in my closet.

Rule #1: Keep everything visible so you know exactly what you have.

Rule #2: Separate the clothes by season.

Rule #3: Clean up your closet every 3 months, you’ll be amazed how many things you’ll find in there.

Make your closet like your very own candy store. Work with everything you have, organize it by colors as well.

Be a smart shopper! Get needed additions when the great deals are out, and don’t buy just for the sake of buying, or get hooked on the junk addiction. Quality works better than quantity!

All I’m saying here is: don’t pay a fortune for everything you buy. I say, get your favorite brands at a great deal.

I just want to help all my fabulous readers to get inspired with your own wardrobe.

Sometimes we feel a little depressed for different reasons, especially at THAT time of the month. We might feel fat, bloated…. OMG, all those negative feelings! I call this HFD – “hormonal fashion disorder.” First thing we might want to do to get rid of this feeling is buy something just for the sake of buying. We might feel like: if we get something new from the store, it will make us happy. Almost like hunting for happiness.

But honestly, it doesn’t really work!

So when you get in one of those moods, go shopping in your own closet.

Recreate and outfit and make a new look that is remarkable.

Lets face it, as women we love beautiful clothes, so why not play dress up as therapy? And it’s also a fine way to relieve stress.

In case you doubt your abilities to be a great designer, and you don’t want to ruin that skirt or pants that you’re not too crazy about, don’t worry, in my fashion fairyland there is a solution for everything.

Get inspired by your accessories. Try a nice belt, or change the buttons. Maybe add some jewelry. There are so many ways to be creative.

In the end, you will have the most marvelous, fearless, unexpected look.

I will show you today how to reinvent an outfit:

I had this Bebe suit for many years. I love the color, I love that it is linen and I love the tailor jacket. But the style of the pants was off. So I decided to cut it and make a fabulous short-pants suit, and it was ready to go.

I can honestly say, I feel totally happy with the results, and what I originally paid for that suit… even after all these years, it’s so worth it :)

I decided to wear a black top with this suit, to give some contrast.

I chose this black purse because I love the style of the gold chain, it makes the outfit much more elegant.

The white watch is perfect for Summer, it brings a youthful look to the suit. And the beige high heals….they’re the perfect combination.

Suggestions: I highly recommend not saving everything, but definitely those cloths you love, or once loved the way you looked in them. Also consider keeping your good quality items, for example, those made of fabrics like linen or silk.

Our imaginations have no limit, we just need to make it work :)

Stay Fabulous!


Suit by bebe, watch by Michael Kors, purse by Antonio Melani, shoes by BCBG Maxazria, sun glasses by Jessica Simpson, belt by Forever 21.

25 thoughts on “Timeless Wardrobe

  1. Gemma says

    Thanks so very much to all the Fashion bloggers support, and all my fashionista friends.
    All of you fabulous ladies are the best.

  2. Gemma says

    Lilian my good friend Christiane is the photographer, she is amazing :]
    thanks so much for your sweet comment

  3. Lilian says

    Thanks so much for the great advise on how to organize one’s closet. I am working on that, and your post comes in at the right time, very handy. Love the change you made to the pair of pants. You look fabulous!

  4. Maddy says

    What a good advice Gemma…i think that many of us not know what we have in our closet! You look beautiful in this outfit and the pictures are so nice. Wonderful location!

  5. Emily Droddy says

    Love your site Gemma, I have color co-ordinated my closet for many years and it is so much easier when planning what to wear. I cleaned out my closet a few weeks ago and took many clothes to a resale store and Goodwill and was so proud of all the emply hangers I had. Showed them to my husband and said aren’t you proud of me and he said yes, but they will soon be replaced.

  6. Gemma says

    Thanks so very much, to all you Fabulous ladies, I appreciate so much all your support.
    hat mean the world to me.
    Forever thanks.
    Stay fabulous :}

  7. Jaimi Runyan says

    The photos are great, love them! I like your advice as well, I completely agree with reinventing an outfit from your own closet. I started doing just that as a teenager, only not my closet. I would go through my mother or grandmother’s closet looking for “vintage” clothing made of interesting fabrics, cut them up and make something new. Today I don’t raid my mother’s closet but find interesting fabrics at flea markets or antique stores. Love your closet tips, wish I could be that organized!

  8. Adriana says

    Amiga me encanto TODO; tus fotos esta fabulosas, tus ideas son super organicas y positivas, Y aun mejor, me inspiraste a querer lucir bella. Gracias!

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