The Perfect Down Under Look.



Ok gorgeous ladies

Well, I guess it is time for me to start saying goodbye to the shorts and get on with the Fall Fashion spirit, even when California weather is almost like Spring for eternity.

I still have the need to feel and enjoy the four seasons, and for people who love fashion like me, it is just so exciting to see what the Fashion industry has to offer each year :)

So, for this week, I just want to show you a very comfortable down under look before we put those shorts away.

In these photos we were on our way for vacation in Disneyland and decided to stop in the Hollywood area to see what it is all about.

I will say that Hollywood itself did not surprise me much,  but it is always great to get out and experience different sceneries as I just love to travel :)

Feeling comfortable, and looking chic of course,  is always important whether on the road traveling or having fun playing around with your children, so shorts are a big part of my wardrobe .

In my look today, I chose to stay with the Blue Family :)

Mix and match all the blues, specially the Royal Blues, they are very uplifting color shades to play with:)

Stay Fabulous, and be comfortable.

Cloth description :  Blazer and blouse by Zara, shorts by H&M, shoes by BCBG girl, dipper bag by Gucci






DSC_0182 (1)











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