The GJ Dress


The GJ dress

Let me share with you the history behind the GJ dress featured in today’s post:

Since I was a little girl, I was always fascinated with the idea of designing my own clothes.

I remember cutting sheets and cloths until my mother had to take them away from me.  You see, I always dreamt of designs in my mind that I just couldn’t find in any store.

So, when I decided to start my blog, I thought that maybe…just maybe…I could show little-by-little my own fashion designs, but of course, I am not a professional designer, I’m just someone with a huge imagination, right? :)

Then, one day while having tea after tennis, I was discussing the Stunning Chic blog with a new friend.  We shared many of the same childhood fashion fantasy stories.  She was telling me when she was a young girl, she always wanted to be in style and have beautiful clothes as well.  But she decided to go to college and become a professional Fashion Designer.  WOW! I could not believe it!  I told her how much I would love to make a dress, but I just did not know how to execute the idea.

So another day (while talking about fashion, of course) I showed her some pictures and explained how I would love to have a dress that looked like this.  Amazingly, from those ideas, and our discussions, she created this fabulous dress!

My wonderful friend’s name is Jaimi Peterson Runyan, and I feel like she and I make a perfect team together.  Both of us love fashion as a way to express to the world who we really are!

We decided that this dress needed to be light pink and black with gold buttons, the three colors represent my personality, and this blog, the best!

I’m so proud to share with all of you our very first dress.  The GJ dress!

Why “GJ“?  “G” for Gemma, “J” for Jaimi :)

Be creative on your own, and stay Fabulous!


Description: GJ dress by  Gemma Donohue and Jaimi Peterson Runya, shoes by Jessica Simpson, sunglasses by Burberry, Purse Forever 21

104 thoughts on “The GJ Dress

  1. Stunning dress. I love the cut and the detail. It looks amazing on you.
    I understand what you mean about having a design in your head and wanting to create it. That always happens to me…then I can’t draw it, I can only sew it 😉
    xoxo Natasha

  2. says

    Such a beautiful dress! It’s way too much fun and looks amazing on you! Congratulations on the design-how amazing to be able to achieve your dreams! Keep designing, you have such fantastic talent! xx

    The What’s In Between

  3. Gemma, this is a very inspiring story, I was very happy to read it, smiled when I read it :) thank you for sharing this beautiful story. Yes, it is wise to speak highly of their dreams. You and your friend have created a beautiful dress:)

  4. Adriana says

    WoW!!! Totally amazed. The dress is sophisticated, you look beautiful, as always, and Jaimi is a talented, beautiful woman!
    I am proud of you two. Great team! I wish this is the beginning of something HUGE!! “The sky is the limit” right!?

  5. Gemma says

    Thanks so very much to everyone
    all your comments are very much appreciated.

  6. Gemma says

    Thanks so very much, to everyone, for all this wonderful comment
    you guys are the best :}

  7. Jaimi Runyan says

    Wow you look great in the dress, the pictures are awesome! Of course I don’t like myself but I’m the designer not the model and I never like myself in photos!!! I loved what you had to say about our process. It was really fun and seeing the end result turn out so well is very satisfying. I am looking forward to doing it again!

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