Sweets for Thought


Time for me to relax and eat my favorite Dutch Apple pie while typing my sweet thoughts about the invasion of different print types in the fashion industry.

I don’t know about you ladies, but for my personal taste, I love all the different prints that I now see everywhere.  It is a very modern and youthful trend – definitely unconventional in a good way.

All I see lately all over the store showcases are different prints and all kinds of fabrics, such as silk, linen, cotton and much more.  They resemble abstract expressionism and I think if Pablo Picasso was still alive he would agree with me.  Picasso was and artist of many styles, and abstract art was a part of his amazing talent.  So I think prints as an art expression brings a new flavor to the fashion world.

Remember the introduction of prints back in the 80s?  But this time the trend comes more powerful, and with such a enigmatic and elegant appearance.

For my personal taste, I prefer prints better on bottoms than tops.  

In my opinion, the skinny jeans with a little touch of print, are my favorite :)

I encouraged you to show that feminine silhouette, but keep in mind to add some prints to your a outfit in a delicate way.

Let’s make a mark on the fashion world this Spring and Summer, let’s be the ones who lead in fashion over this wonderful time of the year, with some stunning and inspirational looks.

Stay Fabulous.

Clothes description. Blouse by Michael Kors, Sweater by Zara, Print denim by H&M , Shoes by Zara, Purse by Michael Kors, Sunglasses by Ray-Ban, Watch by Michael Kors; Bracelet by Kate Spade 






32 thoughts on “Sweets for Thought

  1. AZJ says

    Fabulous outfit, Gemma. I really love the skinny jeans, heels and sweater over your shoulders. Over a week ago you mentioned you were interested in making some money from your photos. I sent you an email with the details for making money taking photos wearing almost identical to what you were wearing when you shot the photos for this blog post, but did not receive a reply. Hopefully you are still interested, but if not, then sorry to bother you.

  2. karin Sullivan says

    Gemma your right about new prints and textures. I like them but, like you, I “prefer” prints on my lower half unless with jeans.
    Loved your new outfit! Classic and trendy!
    Your fabulous as usual!

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