My name is Gemma Donohue,

I am originally from Chile. I lived in Europe for several years and have seen many countries.  I have lived on the East Coast, Gulf Coast and currently on the Pacific Coast of the USA.  I now reach out to you from sunny California.

My biggest passion in life has always been FASHION.

But what is fashion to me ?  I believe that fashion is creating our own style. It is a way to speak without words. It is the language of the colors, textures and fabrics, that speak for you. Fashion to me is pure art.

Nothing fascinates me more, than to walk on the street and look around and see so many people  with different outfits; and if you look the big picture, is like a rainbow of different colors!

The street to me, and the decoration on the stores, are like and open museum with the most amazing pieces of art.

Each one of us are an original pieces of art, because of the way we choose colors, makeup and accessories when we get dressed every day, that’s how we say to the world who we are.

I don’t follow fashion,  I am fashion! …..You are fashion too!!

When I talk about clothes, accessories, and makeup, I’m not talking about what is in style this season, I’m talking about what I like, what represents my personality.

I want to share with each of you my thoughts and ideas about how we can walk every day on the “Runway of Life” feeling fabulous without spending lots of money, because fashion is not about money, it’s about taste, it’s about class!

As women, we all have one thing in common, we love fashion, I’m totally sure in all kinds of different ways, but what makes fashion (or should I just say style) so amazing, is that we are all unique in our own way.

I am so X-cited about this blog because I want to comunicate with each and everyone of you, and I hope vice versa…and we can have so much fun talking about fashion.

I open my heart in this blog, and I hope you can open yours as well.

Remember always:
It doesn’t take a fortune to looks fabulous.
The world is your runway.
And we are all the top models.

Gemma Donohue.

16 thoughts on “About

  1. I love your style and I too feel like express ourselves the way we dress but our character reflects who we truly are and that shows through our attitude! I’m glad I stumbled upon your blog, I tried to comment on one of your posts but I didn’t find a comment section so i commented on your about me section instead! I can’t wait to see and read your next posts! Keep up the great work, your blog looks fab!! If you have time come check out my blog at http://www.myfashionontherox.com

    With Love,
    Roxanne Carmen

  2. Theresa Clyde says

    Very nice, you are right on with your fashion and your ideas to go forward. Young ladies can learn so much from you.
    Theresa x0x0

  3. Thank you so much for all of your sweet comments, I like your posts but loved reading more about your passion for fashion, it truly is an art and love I have bit with as small a budget as I have I am forced to imprevize what I have a lot of times but that’s art to me. Rachel xo btw- I am following you by bloglovin now, please add back if you like.

  4. says

    Hi Gemma. I totally agree with the fact that it doesn’t take a fortune to look like a million bucks! Thanks for visiting my blog. I look forward to visiting yours often. Saludos desde Miami! :-)

  5. Kathleen says

    Love this page! It definitely inspires you to dress your best. Gemma is gorgeous, she definitely looks like a professional model. The clothes and shoes are beautiful, too.

  6. Adriana says

    Hi my friend! I really like your idea about colors, and that dress up can be an individual art expression each day. You inspired me to make an interesting collage next time I pick my outfit. Love you, fun, beautiful, and smart girl! go for it!!

  7. Jacob Bustos Pérez says

    Voy a ser honesto con usted. Antes… yo pensaba que la moda era para personas superficiales y, para mi, era una perdida de tiempo. Nunca me importó si usaba ropa que me hiciera lucir bien. Sólo pensaba que debía ser ropa cómoda y solía llevar colores oscuros y apagados. Pero un giro de 180 º en mi vida, hace aproximadamente dos años, cambió esta forma de pensar. Este giro me hizo sentir bien conmigo mismo, y empecé a ver la vida con otros ojos. Ahora, me siento feliz. por lo que me gusta verme bien, y que los demás me vean así también!!. Estoy de acuerdo con usted en que expresamos mucho dependiendo de la forma en que vestimos. y que no importa de qué marca sea la ropa, lo que importa es la actitud con la que nos llevamos.

    Un abrazo enorme, espero que este nuevo proyecto resulte todo un éxito!

  8. Jacob Bustos Pérez says

    I’ll be honest with you. Before…. i thought that fashion was for superficial persons and, for my, it was a lost of time. I never cared if I wore clothes that made ​​me look good. just thought it should be comfortable clothes and usually wore dark and muted colors. But a 180° spin in my life, about two year ago, changed this way of think. This spin made ​​me feel good about myself, and I began to watch life through different eyes. Now, I feel happy. So… i like to look good, and that others see me as well!! . I agree with you that we express greatly depending on the way we dress. and that no matter what brand of clothing, what matters is the attitude with which we carry.

  9. Maddy says

    Hi Gemma, finally you have your own fashion blog! It looks great! Beautiful pictures of you and sunny Californië. Looking forward…
    Many greetings and lots of love from Rotterdam.
    Maddy xxx

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