Remember Skorts?

DSC_0979Today I decided to share with you beautiful ladies my latest fashion obsession.

Yes, a SKORT!  Which isn’t quite Shorts, and not quite a Skirt!

It is an incredible piece of fashion that offers the elegant look of a skirt with the comfort of a pair of shorts.

This genius combination of a Skirt and a pair of Shorts is back with a vengeance after being all over Milan’s Runways a couple of seasons ago.

Gaining popularity with last year and this year’s summer styles, the Skort has finally become a hit.

Even many stars, including the famous model Kate Moss, are now very much into the new style of Shorts.

I personally recommend it for every woman’s wardrobe.

To me, one of my favorite items is high-waisted Skort with an oversized top and high heels.

This is just so perfect for an edgy modern look! Or, add a tank top and flats if you want to keep it a bit more casual and sporty. Hope you enjoy the post as much I enjoyed the photo shot.

Stay Fabulous!


Clothes description: Navy blue top by Michael Kors, white Skort by H&M, leopard heels by BCBG Girl, Sunglasses by Ray Ban, Purse by Louis Vuitton.


87 thoughts on “Remember Skorts?

  1. says

    I love those skorts. I remember when, back in the 90s, skorts were this hideaous things my mom made me wear, but I love that they are back in a stunning and very instyle way. BTW, you have the most amazing legs ever!

  2. Jaimi Runyan says

    Love the Mt. Diablo shots, great background. The skort is so flattering, looks very high fashion, who knew a skort could do that?!? As always you look gorgeous and stunningly chic!

  3. says

    I love everything about this loove. Skort; love it. Blouse; love it. Shoes; love it, Bag; ABSOLUTELY love it! You look great girl!


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