Relax in Casual Style

DSC_0068Hello beauties, today I want to show a very simple and casual way to dress for a Sunday afternoon.

The right casual style can suit any of us, if we are smart with our choices.

Wonders can be done with simple casual clothes. With the correct basics and right accessories, an ordinary outfit can look so very chic!

Casual summer clothes were meant to be easy to wear and comfortable, especially for a relaxing day with the family, or of course any day just shopping.

Putting together a cute outfit is so easy and fun!

Here are my basic rules to look sharp when I’m dressing casual:

– It is so important that whatever you choose to wear, it fits your body properly and all colors match.

– If I’m wearing very inexpensive clothes, I make sure my accessories are of very good quality. Β I will say, at least two master piece accessories are needed to bring perfection to any of my simple outfits: the Purse and Shoes. They need to be the center of my look :)

– You can pair up any flat shoes, and take glamorous classy steps to elevate your casual style, but please, leave the sandals for the beach, and the sneakers for running :)

If you have the class and the style, you can wear a potato bag and still look amazing.

So relax ladies, and stay fabulous!






Blouse by T.J.Maxx, shorts by H&m, shoes by Antonio Melani, purse by Gucci, watch by Emporio Armani, Necklace by Tiffany & Co, Jacket by Zara

97 thoughts on “Relax in Casual Style

  1. says

    love the mix of relaxed pieces, such as the shorts and flats, with more structured ones like the blazer

  2. says

    Good tips, very useful. I like simple and casual style, I feel very comfortable in that way. Your sense of style is very good, I am not good at that :)

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  4. Gemma says

    Thanks so much to all of you beautiful people, for such amazing comments
    much love for all of you

  5. Gemma, this is a really great casual look… I agree if you have style, it pretty well doesn’t matter what you wear…. you can make it look good… (most of the time… ) You look awesome :)

    Thank you for dropping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment, I really appreciate that :) <3

  6. Christiane St. Clair says

    This are great! Cool outfit, great photo composition and I can see you were having fun! Keep up the good work and look forward to your next posts.

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