Red Heels





Almost every woman I know owns a pair of red high heels, but let’s be honest, how often do we really wear them !!!


Well, there are many things we can do with them.


A very simple outfit can definitely become a confident statement with your red heels, and they can make you feel sexy and glamorous too!


But beware, those same heels can quickly look inappropriate if worn the wrong way. So always keep in mind that red heels can totally make or break your outfit :)


I have to confess, for a long time red heels were a big “No…No” for me. My brain, just wouldn’t accept them until recently:)


Then I found a pair of red heels tucked away in my garage. Upon looking at them, I felt an instant emotional connection LOL… And with my full heart said “I do”!!! And with that we became best friends :)


If you don’t have a pair yet, investing in a gorgeous one is never a bad idea :) specially when it is about to complement an outfit. However, make sure the red shoes are the master piece of your outfit, and avoid excessive jewelry. Keep the look clean and classy!

Stay Fabulous !!


Clothes description,White Blouse by Zara, Leather Skirt by bar  [Macy’s }Black Sweater by H&M, Red Shoes by BCBG MxAzria, Purse by Burberry, Sunglasses by Versage  Watch by Michael Kors.




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