Polka Dots


Continuing with the Vintage theme, Polka Dots is another style that will never go out of fashion

. Today, we also see the Polka Dot trend on the Red Carpets and Runways, bringing back the retro glamorous look.

Polka Dot shirts will live forever and go well with any age, from a little girl, to the sophisticated woman….it is just the perfect classy feminine look! It is a also style for all of seasons.

Small, medium, or big Polka Dots, they are just so much fun to wear! Wether you are ready or not, Polka Dots will always find a way to be reinvented, and show up again and again with a majestic entry :)

The trend is currently showing a wide variety of colors throughout the stores, but for me, I am happy to stick with the classic ones. So here, to share with you, is my preferred choice from the menu of colors presented in the retail stores today:

White and black of course are my favorite ones – classy and yet charming.

Navy and white – youthful and a refreshing look.

Beige and black – very sophisticated.

Burgundy and white – fun and edgy.

Red and white – can be beautiful if the size are small to medium dots ( at least for my taste )

and to me, this style is extravagantly Romantic.

We can let the style to do the talking for itself, but make to sure to wear it with the right accessories, like statement pieces of jewelry, a nice purse, or some trendy Sunglasses :)

So, put your signature style on with Polka Dots and create a look that makes you feel unforgettable :)

And my favorite quote for the week:

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different” – Coco Chanel

Stay Fabulous!

Clothes description, blouse by H&M, shorts by H&M, shoes by Steve Madden, and purse by Antonio Milani













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