Fur is Back


Ok beauties,

Let’s talk about how Fur is once again everywhere in the fashion world.

All over the Paris and New York catwalk, models are covered in what looks like soft and fluffy fur. The controversial style is back in a powerful way, and everyday designers are making it more affordable for everyone

The best news is that the fur we can get from stores today does not have to come from Animals products. Synthetic products look and feel so elegant allowing us to enjoy this trend while truly feeling glamorous.

It is amazing all the different styles out there: vests, long and short coats, shorts jackets, etc.

Bottom line – The designers and manufacturers are captivated by Fur as well.

To me this is a very luxurious, and Hollywood-like trend…very eye catching :)

Let’s see how far we can go with the style :)

Today, I chose to wear this beautiful Coat from Zara because I love the color and it goes very well with everything. With this style you can dress it up or down, but to be honest, when you are wearing fur you never look totally casual, even with jeans and flats you will still look chic :)

So while the Super Models of the 80s and 90s, like Naomi Campbell and others, would say they would rather to go naked than wear fur, I say that if we can do so without wearing real fur, let’s enjoy the cold weather with this style and be glamorous :)

Stay fabulous.

Clothes description: fur coat and Blouse by Zara, black skirt Forever 21, Shoes by Gianni Bini

DSC_0781 (2)


DSC_0889 (2)




DSC_0811 (1)






Hat Obsession

DSC_0418 Hat Obsession

Ok lovelies, it is time to speak our minds about Hats.

I guess there is no surprise to all of you that I have been having this Hat obsession lately as you can see from my last three posts.

In fashion terms, Hats are just very noticeable staples.  If you want to be the center of attention in a good way, indeed, adding a Hat is the way to go :)

But you don’t have to be Royalty to make fashion statements with Hats.  They’re for everyone :)

To me, Hats are just incredible accessories for any outfit that can be worn in a casual way or in a dressy style.  There are many different styles to choose from, all depending on which one is your favorite, and which one suits you the best :)

Most importantly, you should choose a style that flatters your face and body shape, as well as matching your outfit perfectly.

Hats can definitely uplift your outfit, and believe or not, they do make you feel glamorous.  Every time I wear a Hat, I feel great…like I totally Rock with my Hat on! LOL…

Sometimes it really doesn’t take too much, simply add a hat with some magic power and you can feel amazing even on a cloudy grey day :)

For today’s  outfit, I chose a big Hat.  When I did the photo-shoot it was a cloudy cold day, and days like this usually make me feel like I just want to snuggle up in pajamas all day.  So I needed to turn the situation around and feel like a Diva LOL

Fashion advice: Get one or two hats that you can wear with any style, casual or dressy :) And if you don’t want to spend too much, just add it in your Christmas wish list :) Stay warm and fabulous friends!

Clothes description: Blazer and Hat by H&M, blouse by Michael Kors, jeans by met ( italian Brand ) boots by BCBG Girls, purse by Louis Vuitton. DSC_0467DSC_0466 DSC_0440 DSC_0429 DSC_0428   DSC_0414DSC_0411DSC_0471

The High Waisted Jeans




The new thing in town for a while now is the High Waisted Jeans.

This style was popular in the 1980s.

I remember every store had these jeans like a big rainbow of all different colors, and the best part of this particular style was that it appealed so perfect for all ages.

Well, they were revived from the 80s, and have been back since last spring, and I don’t think they will go away anytime soon :)

This unique style can really make you look very slim and stylish, but we really have to be very careful how we pair this jeans with the rest of our clothes, and we have to understand our own body shapes very good.

For my personal taste, I thought high-waisted jeans were just not good for my body shape, but it is always good to keep your fashion options open, and try different styles. Right?

So today I chose burgundy and black because I love the color combination, and it is a very safe way to wear this style and still look chic :)

The look I chose today is an everyday outfit that will make you look and feel confident, stylish and comfortable, all in one… what a perfect deal.

Smart shopper advice:  If you are like me, and are not completely crazy about this style, then don’t buy many.  Just get yourself one, or the most, two pair.  That will be plenty to combine with your wardrobe.  But I know there are exceptions for every rule out there, so if you have the perfect body for this style, then yes get them in all different colors, and have fun with this trend 😉

Stay Fabulous.

Clothes description: Black blouse by Zara, black long Sweater and Jeans and Hat by H&M, Booties by BCBG Girls, Purse by Antonio Melani .



DSC_0549 (1)   DSC_0507







White Coat



Hello gorgeous friends

Fall and winter are about to let us show our best fashion staples.

Living in Europe for a few years really made me appreciate cold weather fashion, but here in CA now it’s totally a different story LOL..

We have seasons of course, but it is never really that cold.

So today I would like to you talk about the one piece of clothing that can definitely speak for itself when the weather starts to change no matter where you are.

I’m talking about Your Coat.  That large piece of fabric that hugs you and brings you a certain feeling of comfort.  For me, a coat is almost like a blanket.  That blanket you just love to snuggle on a cold day :)

But of course, this particular blanket needs to bring you style and class as well, right ?  Well, Coats can for sure make their own strong fashion statements this time of the year.

So this is how I’ll manage to stay in style here in CA during the cooler time of the year :

Due to the weather here in CA, I don’t need a heavy-duty sweater under my Coat, so all I need is a light blouse and a pair of Jeans, a cute little Hat… and I’m totally appropriate for the occasion.

Today I chose and off-white coat, because to me the style and the color of the coat is just so classy, and most importantly, it matches beautifully with all other colors.  For me, off-white and black coats are a big part of my fall/winter wardrobe.

And when I don’t need the Coat, I can just take it off..it is just so simple and easy.

So with this look I present the casual Chic style once again.

I totally recommend investing in one or two long beautiful Coats for the changing weather.  What you wear under the Coat really doesn’t matter much because your Coat will be your voice saying to the world: “all eyes on me” :)

The right Coat may also likely be that one piece of clothing that becomes part of your daily life at least for six months or so out of the year.  Yes, they are your best friend for sure. :)

Stay fabulous!

Clothes description: Coat by bebe, Blouse and jeans by Zara, Hat by G star, Shoes by Gianni bini, Purse Michael Kors, Sunglases RayBan













The Perfect Down Under Look.



Ok gorgeous ladies

Well, I guess it is time for me to start saying goodbye to the shorts and get on with the Fall Fashion spirit, even when California weather is almost like Spring for eternity.

I still have the need to feel and enjoy the four seasons, and for people who love fashion like me, it is just so exciting to see what the Fashion industry has to offer each year :)

So, for this week, I just want to show you a very comfortable down under look before we put those shorts away.

In these photos we were on our way for vacation in Disneyland and decided to stop in the Hollywood area to see what it is all about.

I will say that Hollywood itself did not surprise me much,  but it is always great to get out and experience different sceneries as I just love to travel :)

Feeling comfortable, and looking chic of course,  is always important whether on the road traveling or having fun playing around with your children, so shorts are a big part of my wardrobe .

In my look today, I chose to stay with the Blue Family :)

Mix and match all the blues, specially the Royal Blues, they are very uplifting color shades to play with:)

Stay Fabulous, and be comfortable.

Cloth description :  Blazer and blouse by Zara, shorts by H&M, shoes by BCBG girl, dipper bag by Gucci






DSC_0182 (1)











The Little Black Jacket


Hello beauties,

Today is time for me to talk about the Little Black Jacket.

We all know about the little black dress, but this particular Jacket plays a big role in our wardrobe.

The little black dress, and the Little Black Jacket, are big staples from

This piece of clothing is definitely a symbol of feminine elegance.

This Jacket came to life in 1954 when Mademoiselle Chanel decided to surprise the Fashion industry with a uniquely sophisticated Jacket that to today is still a timeless piece of art :)

For the Little Black Jacket, there are no rules!

Because the best part is that you literally can wear it with everything of any color.
Fashion advice:

Make sure if you are going to invest in this item, look for quality, meaning good fabric and beautiful buttons because this Jacket will be your best friend forever :)

Stay fabulous!

Clothes description: Little Black Jacket by St. John, Black Pants by Michael Kors, Black Blouse by Zara, Shoes by Steve Madden, Purse by Michael Kors, and Sunglasses by Ray Ban










Michael Kors

DSC_0190 (1)

Hello to all you beauties, I’m finally back from vacation, and all the time I was away I couldn’t wait to get back and chat with you again :)

Today, my subject is Michael Kors, one of the greatest designers of all time.

I always get so excited talking about him, so I just couldn’t resist writing about him today here with you and spreading my thoughts about this iconic designer.

There is so much to say about him, and there is so much that makes him so different from other designers. I can only fully describe him as a storm of glamour, and definitely one of the best American designers.

To me his imagination seems to have no limits, and he is far above the Fashion Land.

A fashion authority of his own, Michael Kors captivated and seduced the American and international audience. Emerging in the fashion world, his creations harnessed a fabulous affinity between women of different ages and stereotypes. With a superior knowledge and understanding of a woman’s taste and personality, he is able to create amazing pieces of fashion art in clothing, shoes, purses etc.; and he doesn’t get caught up in showcases with just the super skinny Barbie Doll models. His creations go way beyond that!

The greatest part about him, is that any women can identify herself with his creations. From the soft silk stunning leggings, the highest quality leather purses, the fascinating touch in his shoe collections, not to mention, the amazing creativity and beauty in all his accessories. He definitely knows how to emphasize every woman’s femininity.

Also, when I think about high-end fashion designers, my brain immediately shows me a big sign with his name on it.

When you buy anything from Michael Kors, you not only buy what is in style, or what’s looks attractive in your eyes, the best part is that you are buying quality and sophistication.

As I immerse myself in his designs, I fly away feeling like I’m almost of Royal Blood wearing anything made by him. In fact, I can never forget the first purse I owned from his collection. A leather Camel purse. Wearing that purse to me was like owning a piece of art from Salvador Dali. Every time I walked with this fabulous purse on my shoulder, I felt like I owned the show, and I had so much power of confidence.

Staring into the sunset wearing his sun glasses with a cup of tea in my hand makes me think about his fashion Kingdom where all the magic is transported into beautiful pieces of art and glamorous accessories.

I truly love and live for fashion, so you can understand what I mean when I say my heart races and I get so excited whenever I see one of his new fashion collections. I’m so looking forward to seeing more of his work. His collections are always chic, elegant, luxurious and most importantly, timeless.

My styling advice to all my readers today is to let you all know that with the right Michael Kors accessories, you really don’t need to be so worried about your clothes, because his watches, sunglasses, belts and purses speak for themselves.

Today I chose to show you this beautiful Purse from Michael Kors – you just have to love the style and the color, it pretty much goes with everything :)

Stay fabulous!!

Clothes description: Blouse by Zara; shorts and blazer by H&M, shoes MGBG MAXAZRIA, and the beautiful purse by Michael Kors

DSC_0117DSC_0113DSC_0089DSC_0079DSC_0071DSC_0052DSC_0049DSC_0062 (1)DSC_0122DSC_0241


Polka Dots


Continuing with the Vintage theme, Polka Dots is another style that will never go out of fashion

. Today, we also see the Polka Dot trend on the Red Carpets and Runways, bringing back the retro glamorous look.

Polka Dot shirts will live forever and go well with any age, from a little girl, to the sophisticated woman….it is just the perfect classy feminine look! It is a also style for all of seasons.

Small, medium, or big Polka Dots, they are just so much fun to wear! Wether you are ready or not, Polka Dots will always find a way to be reinvented, and show up again and again with a majestic entry :)

The trend is currently showing a wide variety of colors throughout the stores, but for me, I am happy to stick with the classic ones. So here, to share with you, is my preferred choice from the menu of colors presented in the retail stores today:

White and black of course are my favorite ones – classy and yet charming.

Navy and white – youthful and a refreshing look.

Beige and black – very sophisticated.

Burgundy and white – fun and edgy.

Red and white – can be beautiful if the size are small to medium dots ( at least for my taste )

and to me, this style is extravagantly Romantic.

We can let the style to do the talking for itself, but make to sure to wear it with the right accessories, like statement pieces of jewelry, a nice purse, or some trendy Sunglasses :)

So, put your signature style on with Polka Dots and create a look that makes you feel unforgettable :)

And my favorite quote for the week:

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different” – Coco Chanel

Stay Fabulous!

Clothes description, blouse by H&M, shorts by H&M, shoes by Steve Madden, and purse by Antonio Milani













Crop Top

Crop Tops’


are another big fashion staple this year, from the high street to all the runways, literarily everywhere you look.

When we pair this top the right way, we will always look chic, sexy and sophisticate :)

The first real big appearance of this unique piece of clothes was in the 80’s with the pop Star Madonna and her video Lucky Star. It gained even more popularity with the movie Flashdance, becoming part of aerobic workout clothing :) But lately, the Crop Top has seen a big influence from designers such as Michael Kors and many others.

Designers are in love with the idea of paring the Crop Top with everything that is high waisted.

To approach the feminine and chic lady.

I know that when we hear the word Crop Top, it is like this scary feeling, because our mind thinks immediately about showing off our belly buttons, and we worry about not having the perfect belly. But seriously, it doesn’t have to be that way at all. There are so many different ways we can use this Top without losing our good taste.

How we style this piece, by showing only a little skin, is the most classy way.

Pulling off the Crop Top look doesn’t have to be so feared and intimidated, it should just be somenthing X-citing :)

Here we go with some of my fashion tips.

1.) Play with the colors: for my taste, I normally choose all black, or all white, to me they look amazing

2.) Play with proportions: using compliments like the high waisted skirt, or high waited pants to go along with it, so you only shows a little bit of skin and always feel like a classy lady.

3.) Try the conservative look: To get this look, pair the Crop Top with a Pencil Skirt, then you’ll definitely get the more conservative chic style.


And my last tip, if your tummy still feels too exposed, and you are not comfortable, don’t worry there is always a fashion solution for everything. You can always layer with a nice Blazer, an open Cardigan, or even a Jacket depending on the look you want to achieve :) So I hope this little inspiration helps :)

Now let’s talk about my outfit :)

Like what I said before, I chose all black because according to me black is a signature of confidence and glamour. We can never go wrong in all black :) And I chose these gold platforms to add some Vintage vibe to the outfit :)

Ok my friends, are you all ready for the best part ?? The Top and the Skirt are both from Forever 21 can u believe it ?? Very inexpensive, looking so expensive LOL… Because is not about $$$$$ it’s about style and class!!! Remember the Clothes don’t make you, you make the clothes :)

Of course, I leave you all with another of my favorite quotes:

“Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.” Coco Chanel

Stay Fabulous!





DSC_0083 (1)




DSC_0225 (1)








DSC_0065  DSC_0200DSC_0213


Burgundy: The Hottest Fall Color!


Hello my fashion friends, hope everyone had an amazing weekend :)

Have any of you started wearing or thinking about fall colors yet?  If not, let’s start preparing our wardrobe for this Fall and Winter seasons together, since two heads think better that just one, right ?? LOL…

Yes, the day has come when we have to talk start talking about the fall again, and this year one of the hottest Fall colors is Burgundy !!!

To be honest, I was never a big fan of this color until recently.  I guess it is all about having an open mind, trying to make new fashion statements, and most importantly having fun doing it :)

What do we know about Burgundy?  Well, I found out that burgundy is the perfect connection to the Fall season as well as a remarkable color in many top fashion collections this year.  We know that it is a deep dark red, very strong, and rich, that we can definitely take advantage of and use in many different ways.  Keep in mind, burgundy is also a great color to get into the Holiday mood as well :)

So if you are wondering how to pair this color with others, here are some of my ideas, like my little son always says: “Ready…Set….Go” LOL!!

Five Burgundy fashion inspiration tips, just for you:

1. Burgundy and light grey or silver – one of my favorite combinations.

2. Burgundy and navy blue – a very rich look.

3. Burgundy with white – a very youthful look for a casual occasion, but also for formal attire as well.

4. Burgundy and camel – this is another one of my favorites as well. These two colors together are like an open invitation for the Fall, and if you add some denim to them, you’ll totally Rock :)

5. Burgundy and black – even when they are both strong colors, if you are looking for the sophisticated look, this can work perfectly. Try a burgundy blouse with a high waste shirt – very classy and elegant!

And some extra tips: Burgundy also looks great in leather, such as leather shoes, purses, even a leather jacket which you might consider incorporating into your timeless wardrobe.  If you want burgundy to be the prime color in your outfit, a coat, a sweater, or some jeans can be used with it to totally bring out your high class signature, as was my preference in this post.

I chose this burgundy skort today because for the California weather, it is just perfect :)

And my last thought, don’t just stick to the high street when shopping this fall.  I always recommend investigating all different type of stores – from the high end to the low budget. Let’s all be the fashion police, and see for ourselves just how much we can save and how much fun we can have while doing it.   So raise your hands if you agree with me…..LOL

I leave you all once again with one of my favorite quotes: “Always keep your eyes open. Keep watching. Because whatever you see can inspire you.” —Grace Coddington

Stay Fabulous Beauties !

Clothes description: blouse by Zara® , skort by H&M® , shoes by Jessica Simpson® , sunglasses by Franco Sarto® , purse by Michael Kors ®.


DSC_0231DSC_0188DSC_0293DSC_0289DSC_0275DSC_0278 (1)DSC_0106DSC_0251DSC_0255 (1)DSC_0240