From the glam to the farm, but always in style!



I’m always asking myself the rhetorical question, why do people think city styles and country styles have to be so different in the fashion world.

When we normally think about a farm, we think about flowers or plaid prints, denim and cowboy boots; and when we usually think about glamorous city-life, we think about blazers, high heels, polished and refined looks.

There are those stereotypes, but honestly they don’t necessary have to be so faraway from each other, I can show you how to use the same outfit for both locations.

Today I’ll show you a different outlook.  I joined two completely different styles simply using the same clothing, just by changing the accessories to quickly transform from a country/farm fashion style into a glamorous city fashion style.

To do this, I decided to wear beige shorts with a Navy blue top, a white blazer, brown heels, brown leather purse and aviator sunglasses for a city look…very glamorous!

Suede leather is a big part of a rustic country vibe.  So, for a country look, I simply removed the heels, took off the blazer, and added suede boots and a suede jacket, and I was ready for a country mood 😉

Embrace the Memorial weekend and forget about sleeping late or getting to the cocktail parties.  Go out shopping and catch those wonderful sales whether you’re looking for that glam look or that farm chic style.

If you are a city mouse but love to go to the country to connect with nature, just get inspired with how to look your best from the glam to the farm, and always be in style.

Accessorize to create your own country look or city style, and leave your own trademark!

Stay Fabulous!

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White blazer by Zara, beige shirt by H&M, navy blue top by Michael Kors, brown shoes by BCBG MAXAZRIA, white watch by Dolce & Gabbana, purse by Coach, sunglasses by Ray Ban, Suede Jacket by bebe, suede booties old ones.


101 thoughts on “From the glam to the farm, but always in style!

  1. Gemma says

    Thanks so very much, for all this wonderful
    comment, this is like food for my soul, I really appreciated so much.
    Stay fabulous.

  2. says

    Really? GEORGEOUS PICS! I love them, all the outfits are cute, but you are so beautifull!

  3. says

    You look sensational! So elegant and classy! You have very shapely legs! And I see a smile! Super! Regards hot from hot Poland!

  4. Gemma says

    Thanks so try much, to all of you
    for all this wonderful comment, you guys are so the best :}

  5. says

    You look amazing… and you are right.. you can wear that out in the city or the country… we shouldn’t limit ourselves..

    Thank you for the beautiful comment on my blog :)

  6. Reina says


  7. says

    wow nice car! hehe!
    you look so fabulous, the shorts and heels, ah and the d&g watch!
    I really like the country pics too! those boots are so cute.
    your beautiful long hair makes me miss my hair when it was long! :)
    – Andrea

  8. says

    I love both versions of the outfit:) And I agree….there really is no clear delineation nowadays whe it comes to country/city style:)

  9. Adriana says

    amiga, muy interesantes tus dos conseptos. Cada vez me fasina abrir tus nuevas revistas electronicas porque me gustan las locaciones y trato de adivnar donde estas! PS: Me gustaron mucho las zapatillas café.

  10. Jaimi Runyan says

    Absolutely awesome!! Your posts just get better and better every time. Rich’s BMW is tres chic and you are so glam along with it! Once again your writing defines the photos so well, this one is really fun, creative and original.

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