Fashion on the Tennis Court


 Clothes, and Shoes by Nike. Photography by Christiane St. Clair

Clothes, and Shoes by Nike. Photography by Christiane St. Clair

Today I want to show fashion on the tennis court because I have played tennis for a little while now, and it is definitely my favorite sport, especially because of the big fashion influence.

When we do tennis clinics, we sometimes play a game called Queen of the Court.

My trainer, Miles Bentley, was the first one who introduced me to the game, and I honestly love it, not only because you have to be the best and win against everyone to become the Queen of the Court, but also because of the way we dress up to play tennis makes me seriously feel like I’m the Queen, LOL…

I am a strong believer that we always have to look fabulous, every day and everywhere, and that is so true in tennis as well.

Women tennis players not only do their best performance on the court, they bring to it the latest fashion trends.

Here is a little History about how tennis and fashion met each other:

Starting in 1890, the color white became the traditional color for Wimbledon.  After World War I, female tennis players became more open-minded, stylish, and fashion practical at the court. Fashion on the Court started to change in 1922 with Suzanne Lenglen, when she decided to wear a Short Skirt with Cardigans and a bandeau, instead of the traditional hat at Wimbledon – a very big surprise for many at that time.  Her fashion statement changed the court forever.

The tennis fashion industry became more powerful every year, with professional tennis players promoting top brands. In late 1990’s the Williams sisters, Venus and Serena, revolutionized tennis fashion with their own colorful styles. The two sisters not only played some of the best tennis matches, they also captivated the audience with their dangling earrings and hair beads. Photographers captured their amazing tennis moments as well as awesome fashion.

Tennis and fashion are connected to the hips forever!  Nike, Adidas, and many others brands, work together with professional players to create the best fashions style in court.

One of my favorite styles is definitely Maria Sharapova.  She is the undisputed Queen of Tennis Style.  The way how she dresses up, is how she expresses to the world who she is, using the center of the court as her own fashion runway.  You have to just love the design that Nike and her created together.  She brings the glam to the court and dresses to win.

Why did I decided to pursue tennis, and why is it now my favorite sport?  Well, that’s because to me, tennis has 3 major components I need in my life: Glam, Cardio and Fashion :)

Many thanks to my great coaches: Michael Saunders; and Miles Bentley, Director of Tennis for Cliff Drysdale Tennis at In Shape, for their wonderful collaboration on this post.

Stay fabulous!








Clothes, and Shoes by Nike. Photography by Christiane St. Clair

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  1. Adriana says

    Thanks for the information on tennis fashion, and yes, skirts are fun and look fabulous in the tennis court. Like you!

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