Fashion in Starbucks


Fashion at Starbucks

Fashion at Starbucks

Starbucks has become one of the most popular social network sites.

The idea of experiencing a nice cup of coffee, socializing with some friends, simply chatting on FB and sometimes getting some work done on your computer….or even, maybe if your single and lucky enough, meet someone that could connect you to love.

I go there once in a while to socialize with friends and enjoy my taste for a good Earl Grey Tea. I can tell that many men and women love to stop there for a coffee on their way to, or in between, work.

Within just one hour, I can spot more than 5 or 6 uniquely different fashion types as I sip my tea.

It’s just amazing to me, how a coffee cafe can put so many different styles together: preppy, casual, gothic, business, sporty, and so many more.

I feel like I pay for a tea and I end up on one of the most exclusive fashion shows ever.

I look at the different people, and some styles give me great ideas that I can use myself. Other times I feel like saying: “lady, you have the body shape but what you’re wearing is a Fashion Disaster, so lets do a makeover on you.”

I wish I had a magic wand that I could use to spread these great fashion ideas around the world!

All what I’m saying here is: appreciate everything around you!

At the end of my visit to Starbucks, I go home happy because I take with me so much information about fashion. It is almost like putting all my ideas into a blender and extracting only the best ones.

The best advice comes from the observation of others – Street Fashion, as simple as going to Starbucks :)

Today I chose this outfit, as a Professional Chic look.

The skater skirt brings to this outfit a very classic look. It accentuates your waist and encourages you to show your delicate silhouette. These skirts come in different colors and patterns, so there is definitely one out there that will suit your personality and appropriate occasion.

The black chiffon blouse is the perfect combination for this skirt.

The black pattern leather shoes, with the bow on the side, is just so lady-like. “Feminine and sophisticated” is the message I want to say when I walk in these shoes.

Adding this beige purse with the gold chain ends it with a perfect finishing touch.

To me this is a WOW LOOK :)
Stay fabulous!








Skirt by H&M, blouse by bebe, shoes by Gianni Bini, purse by Forever 21, sunglasses by Oscar De La Renta

147 thoughts on “Fashion in Starbucks

  1. says

    Great Post:)
    Starbuck is one of my favourite cozy spot in autumn and winter, where i can meet with my freinds, chat and drink yummy coffee:)
    Great look, lovely skirt:D

  2. So true! It’s always fun to go people watching at Starbucks, I just love checking out peoples outfits, what they are wearing in between my sips of coffee and posting photos of my “drink of the day” on social networking sites. By the way, I love your outfit!

  3. says

    When I think of people watching I always think of Parisian cafes. I never think to look at my own backyard though. I think the next time I visit a cafe I’ll be paying special attention to those around me, their styles and all. Lovely outfit too!


  4. says

    I am so in love with this look! The skater skirt is fun, but sophisticated and professional with the thick black and white stripes. I am definitely going to start the search for one :) Starbucks is the perfect place to do some serious people-watching. Although I often head there in hopes of getting some homework done, usually I just sip my coffee and watch other people–what they’re reading, what they’re wearing, how they’ve styled their hair. Like you, I always leave with some new inspiration! I love your blog!

    Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by my blogThe What’s In Between :) I hope you have the best Mother’s Day with your little ones! have the happiest day! xx

    The What’s In Between

  5. says

    I never really thought about Starbucks as a place to spot fashion people but you’re so right!!! I loooove your outfit btw, that skirt is amazing, can’t believe you found it at H&M!! Great blog!


  6. Gemma says

    Thanks so much to everyone, for all this beautiful comments, so much appreciated.
    Stay Fabulous.

  7. darling outfit. I love the skirt. =)
    Starbucks has definitely become a place to go and network for sure. There are many locations available and everyone knows it. =)

  8. You write really good! The outfit is perfect for you, Looking sooo sweet:):) love the skirt:) have a beautiful weekend sweetie:)

  9. Gemma says

    My beautiful friend Maddy, I will post very soon,About me be in Rotterdam, I will share my memories
    and of course I talk about the best place for a coffee Or Tea in Rotterdam, the only one Bagels& Beans :}
    I just need to find a place to take my pictures, because I talk about my 3 years in Europe, and I need some beautiful Scenery.
    Thanks so very much for your support. I really appreciate so much.
    much love for you.

  10. says

    I’m a fan of people watching too. I always love to do it in a trendy area in NYC. So many fashion inspirations around.
    I love your skirt, by the way.

    ♥ Gita @

  11. Gemma says

    Many thanks to everyone for your beautiful comment, Im so in love with all your nice words,
    this mean the world to me :}

  12. Gemma says

    Thanks, thanks so very much to all of you, for this great comments, I really appreciated so much.

  13. says

    You look georgeous, I am in love with the skirt, and the sunglasses. Loving your heels

  14. Gemma says

    Thanks so very much to all my fabulous friends, and bloggers, the best feeling ever is to have all this beautiful comment
    you guys are the best <3

  15. Adriana says

    amia lo hiciste otra vez! Me gusta tu atuendo, en especial la blusa bebe, mi marca faborita! Tambien, es interesante lo que sugieres, es bueno admirar lindos estilos y asi tendremos mas locas y divertidas ideas para seguir regias!

  16. Gemma says

    Thanks so very much to all of you fabulous bloggers you ladies are the best, And I totally love the idea
    to connect with all you beautiful ladies, is amazing to know how many women’s in this world love fashion as much I do>
    Stay fabulous.

  17. Alina Snipes says

    Thank you for this super feminine look. I feel like I am in Europe again. Too bad not many women in this country dress like this going to Starbucks. But you can change it Gemma!

  18. Gemma says

    Thanks so very much, to all of you fabulous ladies.
    much love for all of you :}

  19. says

    Haha! I love that your blog name is on your cup!

    I’d love to go and spend an afternoon in a coffee shop blogging, it seems like one of those things that only really happen on TV though! I wonder if it would make me more productive to get out of the house.

    The skirt is stunning =)

    Corinne x

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