Devotion to Black

Devotion to Black


My devotion to the color black started when I was very young, and I have always been very attracted to this color in so many of my fashion styles.

At one point in my life almost everything in my closest was black.

Why have I always been infatuated with this color, and why is black universally thought of as a flattering color?

I think its because in our minds, black makes us think we can hide any imperfection and make ourselves look slimmer. It works for every occasion, every hair style and every skin color. I feel like the color black accentuates all ages and sexes, both men and women love the color.

To me, the meaning of this color is glamour, and its fabulous! Black helps creates a magical seductive atmosphere around us that is the equivalent of confidence and power.

Why does the fashion world love black so much? Because it is so significant and prominent in our society. We can go anywhere in black, and always look in style.

Black is also an easy color to match pretty much with every other color, so it is always a good base to start with. Life is simplified yet pronounced with black!

With the color black, you can always look polished and smart. The color itself doesn’t come with its own price tag. Even if the outfit is inexpensive, it will never look cheap in black.

In my post today, I added some gold to this black outfit that appeals to my taste. I choose black with gold because I feel like it provide some glimmer in a fabulous way.

Sparkle in any occasion you desire, and get that amazingly look with black and gold.

Shine is on! …..and Stay fabulous!!!






09Black blouse Kenneth Cole, Black short by bebe, Shoes by BCBG MAXZRIA , SunGlasses by H&M, Purse old one, Gold Sweater by Mango, old one.

109 thoughts on “Devotion to Black

  1. You look so lovely in the black.. you actually look wonderful in any color… Your hair is so beautiful, I know how much work it takes to make it look that beautiful I had hair that long about 6 months ago and I had to cut it just past my shoulders because I didn’t have the time to care for my really long hair… I loved it though :)

  2. says

    You look gorgeous! Your hair is so stunning! Check out my giveaway :)

  3. Gemma says

    Thanks so very much, for all this wonderful comment
    you guys are just the best.

  4. says

    Hi Gemma! I also am a very huge fan of black. I remember when I was younger my mom used to scold me because my wardrobe was almost a sea of black. I am currently putting more color in my wardrobe now that I am older but I would still run to black from time to time. You are absolutely living up to your blog name….yes you are so stunning chic in this look and you remind me of a Real Housewife….so glam!!!


  5. Gemma says

    Thanks so very much
    for all this rest comment, this inspired me so much, to keep working in my blog.
    much love for all of you :}

  6. this total black is wonderful on you,also love your hair darling :)
    I posted a new OUTFIT, I’d love to know your opinion
    would you like to pass from my blog?

  7. says

    I love the gold sweater – it’s such a perfect combination with the black shorts!! Looking gorgeous!

  8. says

    I like black very much, too! There was a time that I only wear black from head to toe, for months – and people called me Crow at the time :) Actually, I am dressed that way today, I can’t help! You look very beautiful – i loved your sweater and shoes! I like beige, golden and black together!

  9. Wow, your hair is just amazing!! Love the clothes, in particular, the beautiful gold top:) you look great in black! Have a beautiful day, beautiful girl:)

  10. Jaimi Runyan says

    Great commentary, good, insightful thoughts on why we all love to wear black! You summed it up very well and as usual you look marvelous and chic!

  11. says

    One can never really go wrong with black. It’s such a classic, exactly because of the reasons you wrote above:)

  12. Gemma says

    Thanks so very much to everyone
    for the wonderful comment, all of you are just amazing

  13. Andrea Arenas says

    Gema, te ves regia en cada una de las fotos, me encantaron las tenidas, todos los accesorios son el complemento perfecto, eliges todo a la perfección, te felicito amiga!!

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