Crop Top

Crop Tops’


are another big fashion staple this year, from the high street to all the runways, literarily everywhere you look.

When we pair this top the right way, we will always look chic, sexy and sophisticate :)

The first real big appearance of this unique piece of clothes was in the 80’s with the pop Star Madonna and her video Lucky Star. It gained even more popularity with the movie Flashdance, becoming part of aerobic workout clothing :) But lately, the Crop Top has seen a big influence from designers such as Michael Kors and many others.

Designers are in love with the idea of paring the Crop Top with everything that is high waisted.

To approach the feminine and chic lady.

I know that when we hear the word Crop Top, it is like this scary feeling, because our mind thinks immediately about showing off our belly buttons, and we worry about not having the perfect belly. But seriously, it doesn’t have to be that way at all. There are so many different ways we can use this Top without losing our good taste.

How we style this piece, by showing only a little skin, is the most classy way.

Pulling off the Crop Top look doesn’t have to be so feared and intimidated, it should just be somenthing X-citing :)

Here we go with some of my fashion tips.

1.) Play with the colors: for my taste, I normally choose all black, or all white, to me they look amazing

2.) Play with proportions: using compliments like the high waisted skirt, or high waited pants to go along with it, so you only shows a little bit of skin and always feel like a classy lady.

3.) Try the conservative look: To get this look, pair the Crop Top with a Pencil Skirt, then you’ll definitely get the more conservative chic style.


And my last tip, if your tummy still feels too exposed, and you are not comfortable, don’t worry there is always a fashion solution for everything. You can always layer with a nice Blazer, an open Cardigan, or even a Jacket depending on the look you want to achieve :) So I hope this little inspiration helps :)

Now let’s talk about my outfit :)

Like what I said before, I chose all black because according to me black is a signature of confidence and glamour. We can never go wrong in all black :) And I chose these gold platforms to add some Vintage vibe to the outfit :)

Ok my friends, are you all ready for the best part ?? The Top and the Skirt are both from Forever 21 can u believe it ?? Very inexpensive, looking so expensive LOL… Because is not about $$$$$ it’s about style and class!!! Remember the Clothes don’t make you, you make the clothes :)

Of course, I leave you all with another of my favorite quotes:

“Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.” Coco Chanel

Stay Fabulous!





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    You are an amazing woman!!! Loving your style, I had said this on many posts but this pics are perfect!
    I love the outfit, the crop top is super cuute like the skirt!

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    Hello dear you have a great blog!
    I love this outfit, especialy skirt! You are so beautiful!
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