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  1. AZJ says

    Wow Gemma! I love your fashion style (especially when you wear skinny jeans and a sweater around your shoulder) and you take truly beautiful photos. Great blog. Interested in making some money with your photos (no scam, I promise)? Send me an email if interested. If not, so be it. Have a great day!

  2. Marcia says

    Hola Gemmita!! Hable con tu esposo la semana pasada y me dijo que ustedes estan viviendo cerca de San Francisco. Me dijo de tu pagina. Te ves muy elegante en tus fotos.

  3. Your sister says

    Love everything!! Your AMAZING!!! Keep the fashion tips coming. Your a natural! Sorry it took me so long to view the blog.

  4. Gemma says

    Alina Thanks so much for your question.
    i will go with the Satchel Style, because to me it is very classy and chic.
    definitely you make and statement with that purse.
    and the style is just perfect for all Seasons.
    I would choose a solid color, no print, and play it safe
    Black, beige, brown are my favorite colors.
    Neutral colors are the best way to go, you just need to add the Summer colors in your outfit, and you are ready to go.

  5. Alina Snipes says

    Dear Gemma,
    I have a question for you: I am looking for a versatile summer handbag. What would you suggest: style, color, brand?

  6. Gemma says

    Thanks you Ladies so very much
    for all the wonderful comments
    I really appreciate so much you take the time to write on my blog
    much love for all of you>
    Stay fabulous :}

  7. Ann Donohue says

    Love the restyling of an older garment. It’s so true, we do have favorite treasures in our closet and hate to get rid of them, yet don’t wear them anymore. Now, we can look at them with new inspiration and be creative to update them. Great ideas, Gemma!

  8. Jaimi Runyan says

    Gemma I am impressed, your photos are awesome! I love your style and you are very accessible. Your commentary is fun and uplifting, very insightful!

  9. Suyuen says

    Like the new photos. Especially the fabulous pants you had and once again, the amazing shoes!


    Gemma! How lovely and exciting! Your approach to the feminine pastels is breathtaking and fun. With that femininity, you beautifully pair the bold accessories, which exude your confidence and independence. What a great look for the office, on the go or just around the City.

    Your advice is priceless. I love your encouragement to look inside yourself and find your own style regardless of current “trends”. Every woman should own her style while each season’s trends hold a whole new way to express that personal style and individuality.

    I can’t wait to hear more about shopping and saving on all your fun looks and styles!

    You are beautiful inside and out!!

  11. Andrea Arenas says

    Gema, realmente te felicito,te ves regia en todas las fotos, un gusto impecable,,los accesorios, colores, todo perfecto, elegante, clásica, well done my dear friend.

  12. Ann Donohue says

    Always look forward to see what you are presenting to us. Great job! You make fashion fun and accessible.

  13. Ana says

    Te felicito amiga! Estàs iniciando una propuesta verdaderamente interesante, muy chic dentro de
    Una linea distinguida y elegante.
    Que tu sello personal marque tendencia podria
    Ser un suceso no tan lejano !!!

  14. Ann Donohue says

    Your expressive descriptions of a pastel spring excited me to get going on getting color back in my life after a long, dull winter, You have a creative way with words, and fashion, and show that a wardrobe need not be expensive. You show it is a matter of putting the right things together. Yes, let’s be proud that we are women and dress accordingly. Great job! Keep it going.

  15. Isabel Padilla says

    Amiga excelente , que mas te puedo decir siempre tan elegante y clasica , mucha suerte!!!

  16. Isabel Padilla says

    Perfecta!!!!como siempre hermosa y clasica, Amiga tienes todo, que mas te puedo decir,gracias por Los consejos e informacion aunque aca en el campo no mucho se ve…..ja ja buena suerte.

  17. Claudia Alvarez Landreos says

    Que estupenda Gema, muy bella y distinguida, realmente una mujer chic y con mucha clase! Encantada de seguir sus consejos!

  18. Alina Snipes says

    Gemma looks elegant and effortless. Love pastels colors. Very feminine. Great writing and advice.

  19. Ali Lilley says

    Amazing, creative, beautiful, classy and Fabulous! I look forward to following your blog. I luv you my most fabulous gorgeous sweet fashionable friend!

  20. Suyuen says

    Love the spring selection and you look fabulous in each photos! I thought the shoes look comfortable and stylish and, of course, your “Loreal” commercial hair

  21. Judy Serio says

    Love your blog Gemma! Great advice on Spring trends! I actually bought a pale pink linen tunic & wore it to a party 2 weeks ago. I paired with skinny jeans & cuff bracelet with pink chunky stones & Kendra Scott pale pink earrings! Got TONS of compliments!!!

  22. Radiah says

    Love it Gemma! You are always so fashionable! Love how you wrote everyone has their own style! Beautiful pics!

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