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The history of the Bikini can be traced back to the Roman Empire, when Roman women wore bikini-like garments for competitive athletic events.

Hundreds of years later, French women re-welcomed the Bikini, provoking controversy within the Church and French society.  The majority of people first thought this two-piece outfit was too risqué and scandalous, but little-by-little over time it became more acceptable around the globe.

Miss World beauty pageant contestants first wore bikinis in 1951, but the person who truly revolutionized the world with this unique outfit was the one and only Bridget Bardot, when she was first photographed wearing a Bikini at the Beach during the Cannes film festival.

Moving to the real subject of this post, I would like to open my heart to all of you gorgeous friends.

As women, we are often accustomed to thinking that bikinis only belong to Size Zero bodies without imperfections, or women who workout like everyday nonstop.

But truthfully, it is really all about how we feel inside with ourselves :)

Many women, like myself, are mothers, and of course with pregnancy our bodies change.

I am very proud to share with all of you my history: I gained over 75 pounds in nine months, and after my pregnancy I was very unhappy with the way I looked.   So I decided to change that immediately with healthy dieting, exercise, and so much work.  But I can tell you, I will never be the same size I was at age 18 or so, but I’m completely happy with who I am now.

No body is perfect, we all have imperfections, and if you don’t, you are one lucky girl!!

But for the majority of us, like it or not, cellulite and stretch marks are our-best friends for life. LOL

… And you know what? It’s no big deal!!

I believe from the bottom of my heart, that every woman has her own beauty, in her own way.

The secret is to accept yourself and be happy for who you are.

So if you think Bikini only belong to Victoria Secret models and Size Zero Chics, I will tell you I disagree a 100%!

It is not about size, it is not about a perfect body, is about being happy in your own skin :)

Remember, you are beautiful because there is only one you :)


So, while summer is here, get to the beach or the pool with your bikini and enjoy this precious time of the year.

I always say this: “don’t look for anybody’s approval, only your own.”

Stay fabulous!


Bikini by T.J. Maxx®, black shirt by T.J. Maxx®, sandals by Jessica Simpson, shirt by Zara, shorts by Zara, sweater by Zara.

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88 thoughts on “Bikini Mom

  1. Fashionista says

    Look out Sports Illustrated!!!! You put the B in Beauty!!! Love you my sister:-)

  2. Qué guapa estás!!! ideal el bikini, además nos ha encantado como has completado el outfit.
    Y qué decirte del paisaje, no puede ser más espectacular. Geniales las fotografías.

  3. Ying Bacon says

    How sexy and cute you are! Glad to have a chance to know you more, looking forward to getting together.


  4. You look AMAZING!!! We share very similar stories! I gave birth to a wonderful boy two years ago, and yeah, I really gained some weight through pregnancy; I didn’t mind at the time because I felt wonderful while I was pregnant, in a state of grace, if you know what I mean,… But some time after giving birth I began feeling unhappy with the way I looked and decided to do something about it. I can say now that I never felt better, I really love the way I look and feel by the age of 43!
    Thanks for sharing, this is a truly inspiring post!
    Tany et La Mode
    Tany et La Mode on Facebook (New)

  5. You look awesome, girl! So proud of you shedding your baby weight the healthy way. It’s a dog eat dog world out there but I know that I am my own worst enemy and constantly comparing myself to others {or even my once skinnier self}. Thank you for this beautiful reminder that every woman is beautiful!

  6. Alina Snipes says

    love the bikini and the shorts but most of all love your smile;)You look soo happy and carefree!

  7. Jaimi Runyan says

    I loved what you had to say, so positive and uplifting to all women! Great job and the photos are great, I love the effect you used around the edges. It gives beach photos an ethereal, soft appearance, perfect, good idea!

  8. Lilian says

    Thanks for the ideas on how to cover up a bikini without using a beach cover-up! The pictures are lovely… You look like Brigitte Bardot, beautiful.

  9. Ramiro says

    Estas espectacular, las fotos estan bellisimas el lugar que escogiste para tomarte las fotos es paradisiaco tu estas bellisima. Felicidades

  10. says

    You look incredible! I love this pics. Sea is the best thing in the life!

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