Gladiator Sandals.



Hello fashionista friends,

Today I want to share with all of you my latest obsession, and when I say obsession, trust me I mean it.

I’m completely in love and totally seduced by Gladiator Sandals.

I have them in a few different colors because I just can’t get enough of them.

Summer 2015 is all about the Gladiators and designers are offering every variation on these Sandals, giving us the opportunity to look even better than the Greek goddesses.

So, if you are hunting for something new to add in your wardrobe, well get hold of some fabulous sexy gladiators, there are many options for you.

Find a pair that suits your style and budget, especially now when all I see are big sales in the stores.

Every day, the high street is showing all possible styles, from the comfy chic flat, to the classy glamorous high heels…all in a variety of beautiful colors as well.

The warrior has inspired many celebrities and regular folks all a cross the world into trying them.

To me, the gladiator look makes me feel strong and sexy, and I feel totally confident when I wear them.

It’s an undeniable fact that as women we love fashionable shoes, and we are always searching for something that makes us look spectacular, so if you are like me, and love to explore different trends, stop what you are doing right now, and run to the Shoes department and get yourself those hot fabulous gladiators LOL…

Today I decide to wear my gladiator sandals with this little black dress.

It is very simple, but I feel totally chic, and my big Kate spade purse with the Prada sunglasses makes me feel like I totally Rock in my own fashion world.

Stay fabulous!
























Hello to all of you fashionistas,

Well it has been long enough for me to stay way from my blog.

Blogging about fashion really, really makes me very happy, because it is such a big part of who I am. But to be honest, sometimes I feel nobody really cares about this subject. I guess all that matters is to do the things that make us happy, without thinking or waiting for anybody’s approval right ???

So I’m back again, doing what I love, Ok, no more bla bla, LOL..

So HELLO fringes!!!!

Time to talk about a trend that refuses to die.

Fringes is one of those trends that has never entirely been complete out of the fashion world, they maybe traveling to Jupiter or Venus, but they are always coming back to earth, LOL

We saw fringes all over at the 70s and 90s and now they are back to stay for awhile.

So take a seat, because it is the fringe’s time to shine and even better, you can shine and have fun with them.

The fringe explosion offers so much style and sexiness. The return of the 70 boho chic is here, but looking sophisticated.

I know it is a trickier trend to pull off, but try to choose one or two outstanding Items to play safe with.

On this outfit I show you today, I chose a Zara suede fringe top with some power Steve Madden high heels, adding the H&M brown shorts, with is classy Kate Spade Purse. To me, the combination of suede and leather is such a feminine, classy look.

Keep it simple and clean without looking messy.

So let’s enjoy this trend, and there is so much out-there: Shoes, Bags, Tops, Skirts, Dresses, Necklaces, OMG I can go on and on….too much to play dress up with.

Talking about Heaven, OMG I’m in Heaven with this trend!!

So, can we have the apple pie and eat it too?…. And still look fabulous with fringes?? Duh !!! Girls, we can do anything. Who runs the fashion world? It is us, so cheers to that !!! We have the magical power to do whatever we want with different trends and make our own statement.

And just so you know, anyone can wear this trend and look amazing, because it blends so easy to any look and style.

Until next time beauties, Stay Fabulous!!