Hello world,

Today it is time for me to talk with all of you about socks.

Lately I have seen them all over Vogue and other fashion magazines….Yes, cute, adorable outfits with socks!

I guess they don’t belong just to grandma’s wardrobe anymore 😆

Now they are new additions to the fashion world!

But seriously, I have been thinking about this trend for awhile, and what really inspired me the most  was my fabulous fashionista friend from who has an incredibly exquisite taste for fashion.  She can pull off any outfit with socks, and totally Rock it!

Getting back to the subject, I really believe there is something really sexy and feminine to add the right Socks to your outfit.   They are definitely eye-catching and can totally make a simple outfit look like a million dollar’s.

To me, socks and heels are the perfect combination, and there are many ways to style this trend: we have the retro, the preppy, the hipster and the classy ones.

So begin to define what style you would like to try, and start from there.  But keep in mind that it is better to have your socks noticed because of your amazing taste, and not because you confuse the time for Halloween LOL..

So here is my way to style an outfit by wearing socks:  Today I chose a pencil Skirt, with a little graphic top.  I paired them with these transparent short socks for the chic cool look, and I added these white round Glasses and striped Bag.   To me this is the perfect combination for everyday life.

Wether you are ready or not for something different, it is always good to experiment with new trends!

Stay fabulous.

Clothes description. Black top Zara; Pencil skirt Forever 21; purse, earrings and bracelet by Kate Spade; shoes by Steve Madden; watch by Michael Kors, socks by Macy’s . Sent from my iPhone Sent from my iPhone














Polka Dot Power


Hello world,

Today I decided to post one more time about the famous Polka Dots that are still a hot trend for this Summer.

As I mentioned before, prints are huge this Summer, and one of my favorite prints without a doubt are the blue and white Polka Dots.  To me, these two colors bring the Summer spirit into my world, and the Polka Dots add that vintage chic flavor to them.  It is also so perfect to pair this combination with some skinny jeans, and bring out the Nautical look with some red heels for a day out with your family or friends, feeling and looking stunning.

Whether you go for a casual or formal look, Polka Dots will keep you looking classy.

But styling Polka Dots can be a little tricky since this is such a bold print. So here are few tips for you to try:

If you decide to wear this trend with the skinny jeans, and really want to make a statement, add a white blazer so that the Polka Dots will contrast with the white.

Also, make sure your blouse is tucked into your jeans, but keep it a little loose.

For a formal look, I usually choose white and black Polka Dots, because to me, it is a cleaner and classier look.

Stay fabulos!

Clothes description. Blouse, Blazer and Jeans by Zara, Purse by Michael Kors, Shoes by BCBG Max Azria,Sunglasses by RayBan,Watch by Michael Kors.