I Have Nothing to Wear





Do you ever look in your closet and see tons of clothes everywhere that you have accumulated over the years, but you still get that frustrating feeling thinking, OMG !!!! I have nothing to wear !!! We’ll, trust me, you are not the only one, I get that feeling every other day LOL….

I feel like I want to open the window and when I see the blue sunny skies, I’ll just witch clothes with the many different colors descending like a rainbow from the sky, just for me haha…what a beautiful dream.

Going back to reality, I always feel like I need to buy something that I see in the magazines, or, if I walk into the Mall just because there is a sale, I think, well I must buy a pair of shoes, or a sweater because it is a good deal…Don’t you ever feel like that ??? Don’t you ever get those impulsives to make purchases and then a day later, you think, OMG why did I get those shorts? I don’t even like them that much.

Or, what about when you are invited to some event with friends, and you grab your favorite dress from your cosset because you feel pretty on it, but then your mind suddenly tells you, “wait !!!!”…You can’t wear the same dress twice, your friends already saw you in it, they are gonna think you don’t have anything else !!! LOL

Yep !!! I know that feeling.. I will say the worse day for me is when I’m PMSing… then I know for sure I will have a hard time with my clothes, because you know we feel ugly and fat and everything else. You know when those hormones go bulistic on us, lol

But thank goodness then it is over.

Well my fab friends, when you get crazy like me and wake up feeling this way, here are a few recommendations I’ve been trying lately. And I can assure you, they work.

Step 1. Go back to bed for 5 more minutes, and order your mind, that you are you gonna change your feelings, for positive thoughts.

Step 2. Walk to your closest and focus on all your favorite Items, and then look for them.

Step 3. Check the weather on your phone, and based on that mix and match, like a piece of art work. So let’s say if the weather is beautiful, get your favorite pair of shorts or pants and your favorite top together, if you feel bloated get something like a loose chic top, that will help you avoid showing any belly imperfections, LOL… And get your most beloved purse, and if you feel like you have those horrible dark circles around your eyes, find the biggest sunglasses that you own.

Step 4 and last one. Wear your sweetest perfume that reminds you, that you are beautiful.

And if you see something in the stores, don’t go crazy thinking that you have to buy it. You are better off savIng the money for something you really, really like, since it is better to have just few pieces that are really good.

Rember, quality over quantity !!! Stay fabulous.

Clothes description.

Jeans and black T-shirt by Zara, sneakers by Michael Kors , sunglasses by Versace.








Flared Pants are Back.

DSC_0650 2


The 70’s trend is having a revival at this moment, the fashion industry is going crazy with this style.

I can definitely see designers are rescuing the flared and bringing them back, but this time in a much more modern and glamorous look. Whoever lived in the 70’s, they know this trend was far away from being considered chic and glamorous. It was more like relaxing and fun, lets say more like a hippy way with big necklaces, head bands, platforms, etc .but they seem less extreme if we are thinking about being sophisticated and fab.

So from the skinny jeans we are going on transition to the flared.

To be honest I feel so X-cited to introduce this trend into my wardrobe, as I am looking for some new refreshing styles.

If you think the fashion world forgot the 70’s decade forever, you are wrong my friends.They are making a big comeback, and they are here to stay and TOTALLY ROCKS :)

Be aware, the flared can be dangerous if we don’t know how to wear them. This means we need to have the right elements, all depending on what is the look we are searching for.

For me I love the polished and glamorous , like soft textures, silks and delicate fabrics, high pointy heels with big belts. If you still have those belts in storage somewhere in your house, it is time to dust them off and bring them back to your wardrobe.  This to me accentuates femininity.

I can see myself wearing the flared the way I just described and making my entrance anywhere. People will see that I am as delicate as a rose petal LOL… But I know the majority of women like to be treated like beautiful flowers, at least I know I do hahaha.

Let me give you some advice on how to wear the flared; it is super important to get the exact right hem length, because you want the pant to cover the big part of your high heel, that would bring to your silhouette a slim body shape look.

For my personal taste wearing flared with flats is definitely a fashion crime :) Make sure whatever top you choose fits your body well, not too long and loose.

Like what I said before classy pointy heels over stumpy flats.

I know flared pants are the hot ticket for this year, so we better start looking for them, and become good friends with them.

Stay fabulous.






































Sweets for Thought


Time for me to relax and eat my favorite Dutch Apple pie while typing my sweet thoughts about the invasion of different print types in the fashion industry.

I don’t know about you ladies, but for my personal taste, I love all the different prints that I now see everywhere.  It is a very modern and youthful trend – definitely unconventional in a good way.

All I see lately all over the store showcases are different prints and all kinds of fabrics, such as silk, linen, cotton and much more.  They resemble abstract expressionism and I think if Pablo Picasso was still alive he would agree with me.  Picasso was and artist of many styles, and abstract art was a part of his amazing talent.  So I think prints as an art expression brings a new flavor to the fashion world.

Remember the introduction of prints back in the 80s?  But this time the trend comes more powerful, and with such a enigmatic and elegant appearance.

For my personal taste, I prefer prints better on bottoms than tops.  

In my opinion, the skinny jeans with a little touch of print, are my favorite :)

I encouraged you to show that feminine silhouette, but keep in mind to add some prints to your a outfit in a delicate way.

Let’s make a mark on the fashion world this Spring and Summer, let’s be the ones who lead in fashion over this wonderful time of the year, with some stunning and inspirational looks.

Stay Fabulous.

Clothes description. Blouse by Michael Kors, Sweater by Zara, Print denim by H&M , Shoes by Zara, Purse by Michael Kors, Sunglasses by Ray-Ban, Watch by Michael Kors; Bracelet by Kate Spade