Under The Weather.


Hello my friends

It is getting cold and yes It is time to think

about Winter outfits.If you haven’t yet It is my job

to show you few Ideas.

During this Winter I will put together some cool

Super cozy pieces, loaded with fun and

Fabulous personality :}

The street style at this moment, will be remembered

For plus~size , Coats, Sweaters, Jackets and so much more.

The best part of this trend is they are completely functional

And really comfortable. Get inspired with this style

Have fun, and make sure that it represents only your personality.

Telling your own story with your clothes, can be pretty awesome.

Today I choose this easy, cozy look, because I was feeling under

The weather.

It was a cloudy day,I didn’t feel very good,but of course, I still

Wanted to look chic.So I decided to wear something simple as a pair

Of Jeans, some over the Knee Boots, and oversized warm Vest.

No mayor production, but yes feeling in style :}

My advice to you is even when you want to wear something

Simple,empower the look with one or two pieces. For me

In this outfit, It was the Vest.

Stay Fabulous.

Clothes description.Blouse and Jeans by Zara, Vest by American Rag,Boots by Vince Camuto. Watch by Michael Kors, Purse by Coach.


DSC_0098 (1)






DSC_0098 (1)




Feeling Brown



Ok beauties, Let’s talk about how colors can definitely affect your mood, for good or for bad.

To be honest, it happens to me quite often :)

For instance, it has been cloudy, rainy and grey for several days now.  I felt like wearing brown all over me as it represents the fall weather very well, but I wanted to feel happy and make a difference in my outfit.  So, I paired the brown with a beautiful light blue contrast.  You can easily pair these two colors and totally look fabulous.  Brown is the color of Earth and light blue the color of the sky…. just so perfect to me!!!

Although I agree that brown isn’t an everyday fashion street favorite, I see no reason not to wear this color or be afraid of it.

Perhaps try accentuating the Brown with vivid colors such as light blue or even orange.  To me, beige and brown also look classy, and keep in mind that black and brown are also a good color combinations.

Stay Fabulous!

Clothes description: Blazer, dress shirt, and pants by Zara, boots by Antonio Milani, Purse by Gucci, watch by Michael Kors, and Sunglasses by Betsey Johnson.


DSC_1006 (1)









Fur is Back


Ok beauties,

Let’s talk about how Fur is once again everywhere in the fashion world.

All over the Paris and New York catwalk, models are covered in what looks like soft and fluffy fur. The controversial style is back in a powerful way, and everyday designers are making it more affordable for everyone

The best news is that the fur we can get from stores today does not have to come from Animals products. Synthetic products look and feel so elegant allowing us to enjoy this trend while truly feeling glamorous.

It is amazing all the different styles out there: vests, long and short coats, shorts jackets, etc.

Bottom line – The designers and manufacturers are captivated by Fur as well.

To me this is a very luxurious, and Hollywood-like trend…very eye catching :)

Let’s see how far we can go with the style :)

Today, I chose to wear this beautiful Coat from Zara because I love the color and it goes very well with everything. With this style you can dress it up or down, but to be honest, when you are wearing fur you never look totally casual, even with jeans and flats you will still look chic :)

So while the Super Models of the 80s and 90s, like Naomi Campbell and others, would say they would rather to go naked than wear fur, I say that if we can do so without wearing real fur, let’s enjoy the cold weather with this style and be glamorous :)

Stay fabulous.

Clothes description: fur coat and Blouse by Zara, black skirt Forever 21, Shoes by Gianni Bini

DSC_0781 (2)


DSC_0889 (2)




DSC_0811 (1)