Polka Dots


Continuing with the Vintage theme, Polka Dots is another style that will never go out of fashion

. Today, we also see the Polka Dot trend on the Red Carpets and Runways, bringing back the retro glamorous look.

Polka Dot shirts will live forever and go well with any age, from a little girl, to the sophisticated woman….it is just the perfect classy feminine look! It is a also style for all of seasons.

Small, medium, or big Polka Dots, they are just so much fun to wear! Wether you are ready or not, Polka Dots will always find a way to be reinvented, and show up again and again with a majestic entry :)

The trend is currently showing a wide variety of colors throughout the stores, but for me, I am happy to stick with the classic ones. So here, to share with you, is my preferred choice from the menu of colors presented in the retail stores today:

White and black of course are my favorite ones – classy and yet charming.

Navy and white – youthful and a refreshing look.

Beige and black – very sophisticated.

Burgundy and white – fun and edgy.

Red and white – can be beautiful if the size are small to medium dots ( at least for my taste )

and to me, this style is extravagantly Romantic.

We can let the style to do the talking for itself, but make to sure to wear it with the right accessories, like statement pieces of jewelry, a nice purse, or some trendy Sunglasses :)

So, put your signature style on with Polka Dots and create a look that makes you feel unforgettable :)

And my favorite quote for the week:

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different” – Coco Chanel

Stay Fabulous!

Clothes description, blouse by H&M, shorts by H&M, shoes by Steve Madden, and purse by Antonio Milani













Crop Top

Crop Tops’


are another big fashion staple this year, from the high street to all the runways, literarily everywhere you look.

When we pair this top the right way, we will always look chic, sexy and sophisticate :)

The first real big appearance of this unique piece of clothes was in the 80’s with the pop Star Madonna and her video Lucky Star. It gained even more popularity with the movie Flashdance, becoming part of aerobic workout clothing :) But lately, the Crop Top has seen a big influence from designers such as Michael Kors and many others.

Designers are in love with the idea of paring the Crop Top with everything that is high waisted.

To approach the feminine and chic lady.

I know that when we hear the word Crop Top, it is like this scary feeling, because our mind thinks immediately about showing off our belly buttons, and we worry about not having the perfect belly. But seriously, it doesn’t have to be that way at all. There are so many different ways we can use this Top without losing our good taste.

How we style this piece, by showing only a little skin, is the most classy way.

Pulling off the Crop Top look doesn’t have to be so feared and intimidated, it should just be somenthing X-citing :)

Here we go with some of my fashion tips.

1.) Play with the colors: for my taste, I normally choose all black, or all white, to me they look amazing

2.) Play with proportions: using compliments like the high waisted skirt, or high waited pants to go along with it, so you only shows a little bit of skin and always feel like a classy lady.

3.) Try the conservative look: To get this look, pair the Crop Top with a Pencil Skirt, then you’ll definitely get the more conservative chic style.


And my last tip, if your tummy still feels too exposed, and you are not comfortable, don’t worry there is always a fashion solution for everything. You can always layer with a nice Blazer, an open Cardigan, or even a Jacket depending on the look you want to achieve :) So I hope this little inspiration helps :)

Now let’s talk about my outfit :)

Like what I said before, I chose all black because according to me black is a signature of confidence and glamour. We can never go wrong in all black :) And I chose these gold platforms to add some Vintage vibe to the outfit :)

Ok my friends, are you all ready for the best part ?? The Top and the Skirt are both from Forever 21 can u believe it ?? Very inexpensive, looking so expensive LOL… Because is not about $$$$$ it’s about style and class!!! Remember the Clothes don’t make you, you make the clothes :)

Of course, I leave you all with another of my favorite quotes:

“Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.” Coco Chanel

Stay Fabulous!





DSC_0083 (1)




DSC_0225 (1)








DSC_0065  DSC_0200DSC_0213


Burgundy: The Hottest Fall Color!


Hello my fashion friends, hope everyone had an amazing weekend :)

Have any of you started wearing or thinking about fall colors yet?  If not, let’s start preparing our wardrobe for this Fall and Winter seasons together, since two heads think better that just one, right ?? LOL…

Yes, the day has come when we have to talk start talking about the fall again, and this year one of the hottest Fall colors is Burgundy !!!

To be honest, I was never a big fan of this color until recently.  I guess it is all about having an open mind, trying to make new fashion statements, and most importantly having fun doing it :)

What do we know about Burgundy?  Well, I found out that burgundy is the perfect connection to the Fall season as well as a remarkable color in many top fashion collections this year.  We know that it is a deep dark red, very strong, and rich, that we can definitely take advantage of and use in many different ways.  Keep in mind, burgundy is also a great color to get into the Holiday mood as well :)

So if you are wondering how to pair this color with others, here are some of my ideas, like my little son always says: “Ready…Set….Go” LOL!!

Five Burgundy fashion inspiration tips, just for you:

1. Burgundy and light grey or silver – one of my favorite combinations.

2. Burgundy and navy blue – a very rich look.

3. Burgundy with white – a very youthful look for a casual occasion, but also for formal attire as well.

4. Burgundy and camel – this is another one of my favorites as well. These two colors together are like an open invitation for the Fall, and if you add some denim to them, you’ll totally Rock :)

5. Burgundy and black – even when they are both strong colors, if you are looking for the sophisticated look, this can work perfectly. Try a burgundy blouse with a high waste shirt – very classy and elegant!

And some extra tips: Burgundy also looks great in leather, such as leather shoes, purses, even a leather jacket which you might consider incorporating into your timeless wardrobe.  If you want burgundy to be the prime color in your outfit, a coat, a sweater, or some jeans can be used with it to totally bring out your high class signature, as was my preference in this post.

I chose this burgundy skort today because for the California weather, it is just perfect :)

And my last thought, don’t just stick to the high street when shopping this fall.  I always recommend investigating all different type of stores – from the high end to the low budget. Let’s all be the fashion police, and see for ourselves just how much we can save and how much fun we can have while doing it.   So raise your hands if you agree with me…..LOL

I leave you all once again with one of my favorite quotes: “Always keep your eyes open. Keep watching. Because whatever you see can inspire you.” —Grace Coddington

Stay Fabulous Beauties !

Clothes description: blouse by Zara® , skort by H&M® , shoes by Jessica Simpson® , sunglasses by Franco Sarto® , purse by Michael Kors ®.


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The Last Minute Fashion Call



Hello gorgeous people.

Today I want to talk about fashion emergencies :)

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel like I just don’t have enough time to think about what to wear the next day, especially weekends when we rush out to enjoy the many beautiful sceneries in CA.  So that is what I call a Fashion emergency – putting an outfit together in like less then 10 minutes.

Whatever I decide to wear, I always want to look chic, but also be comfortable.  So today I chose to wear a pair of jeans with a simple white top, but enhanced it with a Navy Blue Blazer.

I think the jacket, and gold buttons on it, gives this ordinary outfit a very rich vibe.

I chose the leopard pattern high heels, but other flat styles could look stunning as well.

I really believe with the correct basics, a stylish jacket, and the right pair of shoes, we can always make a fashion statement.

And as fashion rules:

Choose a casual outfit that is comfortable and suggests fun, but always maintain class and style.

Blue and white colors will never be out of style, but the right tailored jacket on top will bring out the classy and stylish look your looking for.  So one thing you absolutely need to add to your wardrobe is Navy Blue Jacket.  But make sure it is tailored to fit your body and shows off your curvy silhouette, if not you’ll just look like a hot dog wrapped in a bun. :)

Another good tip is find yourself a pair of jeans that totally flatters you. We all have that one favorite pair of jeans we feel awesome in, and if you don’t, then spend some time finding a pair – they’ll last you forever.

And my last advice, no matter what you wear, always be confident about yourself.  Realize we don’t have to try so hard when figuring out what to wear.  Just being our natural selves is always a winning situation.  And if it is Target or Prada, or even both together, always take pride about how you look :)

Stay Fabulous!

Clothes description: Navy blue blazer and white top by H&M® , jeans by Zara ® , purse by Louis Vuitton ®